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From USA Bestseller Natasha Madison comes a brand new Hockey series Only One.


When I inherited the Dallas Oilers from my father , I became one of the youngest owners in hockey history. Even though the team was at the bottom of the hockey standings,
I had big plans to change that and bring the Cup to Dallas.
Falling in love was something I never believed would happen to me.
You’d think I was getting everything I ever wanted with the girl and the winning record, but I still have a promise to fulfill to my childhood best friend.


Never let them see you sweat has been my life motto since I decided to make a name for myself as the most-sought-after sport agent.
I know what it takes to close a deal, and only want one thing—to be the best.
Until I felt his touch one night, and everything I thought I knew was forgotten. Nico is everything I've never let myself want.
But all my cards came crashing down the minute I read the headlines.

It takes only one touch to change everything!

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