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From Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author Natasha Madison comes a small town, second chance sports romance.
When two worlds crossover. From the This Is Series and The Southern Series.

Things are supposed to go smoothly on your wedding day.
Aren't they?

Sofia Barnes
I’ve always loved to play dress-up.
Creating fake weddings was my childhood pastime.
Now it is my dream come true.
I’ve finally been handed my first client.
But nothing could prepare me for who greeted me when I walked in.
He was my first kiss, my first everything, including my first and only heartbreak.
Now I have to plan his wedding.

Matthew Petrov
My family is filled with hockey royalty.
From my grandfather to my uncle to my father.
Now it is my turn to work my way up the leaderboard.
I had everything that I’ve ever wanted in my life.
Or so I thought.
Nothing could prepare me for coming face-to-face with Sofia.
I knew her inside and out.
She knew my inner secrets.
Two years ago, I let her go, and now she’s planning my wedding to someone else.
They say time heals old wounds. They lied.
Maybe she was just mine to take.

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